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Confessions | Declarations | Affirmations by Tasha Baron Smith

  • I activate the gift of special faith to make manifest that which I say by the power of the blood and authority of Jesus Christ

  • I drink from the fountain of Living Waters

  • This is my life. I don’t let life happen to me. I let life happen for me. I take full responsibility for what I allow and don’t allow. 

  • I am not passive in the decision-making aspects of my life. I make wise decisions that will bring peace, prosperity, and success. 

  • I actively participate in every area of my life, and I am not blinded in any way by anything or person. I love myself!

  • I decree that Gods favor is manifested and operating in my life. 

  • I decree that my leadership skills have accelerated to a higher level. Before I can lead others, I lead myself. My self-leadership increases. 

  • I decree that my spirit man is re-energized, re-generated, accelerated, excellent, and fully charged.

  • I decree in the name of Jesus that doors of opportunity, doors of advancements professional opportunities, corporate contracts and partnerships are opened now and locate me.

  • I don’t hustle; I align and my good comes to me easily. It is easy for me to reach my goals and attain fulfillment. I flow.

  • My life is on a momentum of victory, supernatural breakthroughs, health, and success.

  • I have been called to a life of abundance, prosperity, increase and joy.

  • I think before I speak. I am self-aware.

  • I have the inherent ability to change hopeless situations-therefore I can never be disadvantaged in this life. 

  • All that is possible for anyone is possible for me. I do succeed for I am full of the power of success.

Download your copy to confess, declare, and affirm your life to the best it can be!

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