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If you are here, you are a PowerHouse and are on your way to shaking things up in your life in the most amazing way-Welcome! Here you will find information on how to schedule a call with me as well as a great downloadable list of affirmations that will be sure to activate your life! 

If you have made it to this page, by now, we've had a few conversations and you know what I am your person. Your person to support you as you support others


Received  A+ Business Accreditation rating with the Better Business Bureau in 2023


In this journey of life, you do it all. You are the solution, and you support everyone. Who supports you? Who knows, understands, and sees your power and brilliance and also provides space for you to let go and breathe…..


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Tasha is truly working in her purpose. She loves what she does, and it shows in her personal and professional excellence. I have never met anyone as thorough, patient and, attentive to details. Tasha has phenomenal listening skills, hears every word, and the results prove it!

Rosyln C.

Tasha has such profound insight when working with her. Her experiences personally and professionally made her a valuable asset to my workshop. She is consistent and reliable with a plethora of knowledge in business operations and marketing. I am excited to maintain an ongoing business relationship with her and be a support to her as she expands her platform.

Jacinda G.

IMG_5292 - Jacinda Estelle.jpeg
Tasha’s professionalism and customer service is top notch. She’s been my bookkeeper for approximately 4 years. She is phenomenal at what she does!! When it comes to bookkeeping, she’s been able to help me maintain my financial stability. I where things are professionally and financially because of her attention to detail. I could not have made a better choice when it comes to bookkeeping.

Kani C.

Tasha made me rewire my way of thinking. She made me sit and think about what I was saying and doing and challenged me to strive for my highest capabilities. She listened and gave real-life solutions that were tailored to me. After only one session, I felt inspired and equipped with a new drive and perspective.

Danielle M.

I will say, God is definitely in love with you. Yes He gives you the word with your clients and I'm a testament of that. 

Toia Pynk

About Tasha Baron Smith

Tasha Baron Smith is a Navy Spouse, mom of 4, and entrepreneur. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Strategic

Management. Her ambitious and solution-driven mentality has created a successful track record for herself, her family, and every client she partners with.


There is tough, then there is military spouse tough. Supporting and being a grounding force for a young family during military deployments will always be the proudest moments for Tasha. Moments as those proved her love, strength, and resilience.

In addition to financial management, Tasha’s passion involve helping others come into the

realization of their personal power and identity.


She provides strategic planning and support as a Mentor and Life-Strategist.

Her personal mission statement is to help others come into the realization of who they are and ignite passion within them that propels them forward; helping them get un-stuck. Regardless of the circumstances or past, Tasha proves to her audience that passion fuels desire and that desire has the power to change any situation for the better.

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